Refreshing the Resume

Using RMarkdown to Generate Your Resume

Refreshing the Resume

Using RMarkdown to Generate Your Resume

At my job I was recently asked to submit an up to date resume for record keeping and for a biopic in an upcoming grant submission. I admittedly had turned any attention to my resume since taking this position more than two years ago and so decided that if I was going to address my antiquated, out of date resume I might as well bring it into this shiny new era of Rstats programming I had at my disposal.

My old resume was something I was pretty proud of, having mastered the real estate in a Word document and feeling like I added just the right amount of color to make it stand out from the rest.

Old Resume

Prompted with the incentive for change, I wanted to make my resume a representation of the last few years of coding development, R capabilities, and creativity. That was when I happened on a Tweet from @NicholasStrayer:

Strayer Tweet

I was very impressed with the easy to follow, accessible repo he made and highly recommend checking out his post and page over at

By making use of rmarkdown and pagedown there is already a pretty nicely packaged template for resume development but the techniques incorporated by Strayer allow for greater customization and clear delineation of CSS styling manipulation (for those of us who may not have a strong CSS background).

You can find the new, R-ified resume here.

If you would like to see how I incorporated these techniques or take my resume project for a spin yourself, you can download the repo at my personal page.

For anyone with a similar background in R, programming, or data science, building your resume in your preferred language further shows your capabilities in it. It also produces a convenient, aesthetically pleasing, lightweight document that’s easily shareable, and easily updatable over time. Give it some consideration whether you are in the job market or just looking to keep your portfolio fresh. Thank you for checking it out and good luck!

Richard Hanna
Data Scientist & Biomedical Engineer