Data Science

Stem Cell Engraftment Application

R/Medicine 2021 presentation on Stem Cell CAR-T Engraftment application development.

Embracing Imposter Syndrome

Assessing and Conquering Self-Doubt and Restriction

COVID-19 in Philadelphia

Live Data Tracking of COVID-19 in Philadelphia

United States Gun Violence

Creating a dashboard to look into gun violence in the U.S.

Building Shiny Apps with Rvest

Creating a Shiny application to scrape data from IMDB's top movies.

RMarkdown Workshop

An approachable, interactive tutorial workshop for new users of R, RStudio, and RMarkdown using real world health data.

Book Review: Weapons of Math Destruction

A Great Read on the Implications of Big Data

The Spreadsheet Betrayal - ARCUS at CHOP

The pros and cons of the spreadsheet

Analyzing Apple Health Data

Looking at the Data iPhone Gives You

Importing XLSX and CSV into R

Incorporating spreadsheets into your R workflow.