Emergency Medicine

Analysis of CPR quality by individual providers in the pediatric emergency department

Brief Summary This work is part of a continued research effort with the Videography in Pediatric Emergency Research (VIPER) project, as talked about in more detail in my ReSS 2018 poster presentation link. For more information I encourage you to read the write-up there and learn more from this incredible group’s past works. The abstract is posted below for convenience and available here: Abstract Objectives To describe chest compression (CC) quality by individual providers in two pediatric emergency departments (EDs) using video review and compression monitor output during pediatric cardiac arrests.

CPR, Verbal Prompts, and Hand Placement in VIPER

The VIPER project is a collaborative, multi-institutional effort to assess pediatric resuscitation in the ED using videography tools which can be reviewed for provider performance in emergency settings. In short, VIPER looks to measure and describe …