About Me

Thank you for visiting my site! I’m Rich Hanna, a data scientist with a background in biomedical and mechanical engineering currently developing software and data-driven solutions in pediatric medicine to support cutting-edge clinical research. This site is meant to serve as a portfolio of my work, a space for collaboration, and place for some of my own interests and hobbies.

Professional Side

At the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, I am a member of the Cell & Gene Therapy Informatics team supporting the Cellular Therapy and Transplant Section, Bone and Marrow Transplant Program, and various parts of the oncology and pathology divisions of the hospital.

In the past I have also worked closely with the Critical Care Medicine and Emergency Medicine departments and spent considerable time in the development of data-driven solutions for the Pediatric Resuscitation Quality Collaborative, National Emergency Airway Registry, and Videography in Pediatric Emergency Resuscitation Collaborative.

R is my premier language, but I enjoy learning wherever possible. I am very proud to be the developer of multiple shiny applications, a CRAN certified R package, and a co-author on multiple publications. I have also worked with Matlab, Python, SQL, and am AWS Solutions Architect certified.

Prior to entering the world of data science, I worked in medical devices designing spinal implants and with the Center for Injury Research & Prevention researching pediatric automotive safety and restraint system modeling.

(Un)professional Side

Since I spend most waking hours in front of screens, I like to spend much of my free time away from them.

I’m an avid “fake-it-till-you-make-it” runner: I have flat feet and asthma, but I’m spiteful enough to keep doing it anyway. When possible, my wife and I like to take hikes, ride out bikes, and explore the world around us.

At home I greatly enjoy cooking and baking. To me, culinary creations in the kitchen have a lot in common with engineering: design, precision, and gratification from a well-made (and hopefully tasty) product. When I feel up to being a bit more artistic, I also enjoy drawing and photography. This site will also serve to showcase some of these hobbies.