GBBO Easy Cinnamon Rolls

Digging into our home’s Great British Bake Off addiciton with these easy, non-proof rolls.

March 18, 2023


This recipe was taken from Prue Leith’s Apple & Cinnamon Buns from GBBO. Measurements and some ingredients are definitely British, so had to look up some substitutes and instructions on how to accommodate. Namely:

  • That “icing sugar” is the same thing as powdered/confectioner’s sugar (i.e. sugar and cornstarch)
  • Self-rising flour (recipe at end)
  • Caster Sugar (recipe at end, essentially just processing granulated sugar)

We also used oat milk that we hand on hand which certainly works, but changes the flavor a bit.

If Prue saw these, I’m sure she would remark that I’m missing quite a bit of “finesse,” but I’ll be making these again in the future and they’re so easy without needing the overnight proof of a typical yeasted roll.


Prep Work

Final Product